Brestil has been working for many years to help "mum's work" by planning and producing items of furniture, accessories and above all work tools to help mums in the delicate task of bringing up theit kids.

Brestil creates a vast number of different items that perfectly match the needs of kids and parents.
We are always striving to satisfy the most up-to-date ISO EN safety rules, bringing you convenient, affordable and practical products.

Easy to use
Brestil studies it's products in depth so that they are comfortable and easy to use. We know very well that every product of our's must be ready to use in a matter of seconds!
Our products are guaranteed to last through time; the raw materials we use and the manufacturing process are top notch. A produly MADE IN ITALY product that aims for quality excellence.
Every our product has been thouroughly and extensivly tested and has to abid the most strict safety rules. Furthermore every item we make is studied so that it will never endanger kids in any way.
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