Getting around in Casablanca

Casablanca is a busy city, just like every other big city in the world. One must be concerned about the public transport system after the hotel or a place to live in as a person wants to travel to a country or a city by their own, they must always keep in mind about the ease as well as the fare of traveling fork one place to another within or outside the city. Casablanca has one of the easiest and economical ways of traveling within the city either on trains, trams or boats, taxis, and private pick and drops services.


The first way which comes into one’s mind is a taxi. There are a few types of taxis that you can hire; first comes the eco taxi, which usually consists of a hatchback car or even a sedan suitable for two to three people at a time. Still, if you have some extra luggage to carry around, you must hire a grand taxi, which is usually an SUV or a pickup truck that has room for five to seven people at a time and also has enough room for your luggage.

Problems related to Taxi hiring

However, a taxi is a cheap and easiest way to reach your destination in a matter of minutes, and some problems are hiring a taxi :

  1. first of all, the taxi driver will try to scam you by asking for the high fares than usual because you are a foreigner.
  2. The language barrier will be a problem as people do not know any other language other than Arabic, so it’s always better to carry around a map with you to make the taxi driver understand better.
  3. As Casablanca is a busy city, so there is heavy traffic 24 hours, chances are very high that you might get stuck in the traffic easily, so a lot of your time will be wasted while waiting to get past that roadblock.

Other modes of transport

There are also many other ways to move around every corner of the city where the bike taxis come in handy !! Bike taxis are scooters or mini scooters that wear an orange helmet and are always waiting for their customers. Taking a bike taxi will give you some benefits over the car taxies i.e.

  1. Bikes are smaller in size, so they can move around so much easier through heavy traffic loads. The chances are so low that you will get stuck.
  2. Bikers are much more familiar with the streets, so they can take shortcuts to your destination through the middle of the streets, saving you much more time.
  3. Bikes are more fuel-efficient, so they will cost you much less than any other taxi type.

Trains and Buses

After the bikes here comes the trains and busses which make the most of the transport system in Casablanca. Here are some things that you need to know about them to get safer travel in the city.

Trains and buses have a specific route from one place to another; there are stations at some regular intervals, the ticket is much cheaper than that of any other means of transportation. But the problem is that you have to be very careful while using busses and trains just because they have their specific routes around the city, you must know that the train or bus will take you towards your destination but they can only take you to some main stations. Hence, you have to cover the remaining distance by walking. If you don’t know the bus numbers, the chances of getting lost are much higher. This will cost you some more money and time to reach your destination once you are lost.

Some open pickups are specifically designed for taking passengers from one place to another within the city. They are cheap and cover almost every street in the city, so the chance is high that you will reach your destination. But the main problem of traveling by such type of taxis is that they are so much time consuming because they stop whenever a passenger gives a hand to stop it or if tries to get off, every time they pull over they will cost you some time.


Boats are also a good means of traveling from one place to another because of heavy traffic on the roads, of the fear of getting lost is in your mind now. Still, you want to travel safely to your destination; traveling by boat is also a good way to get through the city. Boats are always ready to take you from one place to another; there is a ticket that you have to purchase one you get on the boat that will cost you around about 40 to 50 dirham ( the local currency).

Reasons to choose boats as a transport

Boats are much more convenient than other means of transport because :

  1. They are much cheaper than any other of the transportation means, i.e., taxies, trains, trams, etc
  2. They travel in water, so there is almost no traffic in it, much more of your precious time will be saved while traveling through boats.
  3. There are floating markets where no roads are attached, so traveling by water is the only option for you.
  4. Boats take time to get filled as they move from one point to another, so they also take some time.

Final words

Transportation in Casablanca is easy, but there are many problems, just like every other city in the world. There are tourists all the time roads and streets are filled every time. Taxis, trains, buses, and boats are the only means of transportation also they all have their pros and cons its totally up to you that what and how you choose to get around the city, either you want to save time or your money, what type of vehicle you choose is totally up to you, you just have to decide either you want to reach your destination quickly or comfortably.